Tiger Sauce - Mock 3

5.8 oz  small fresh red hot chiles (qty: 8;  wt trimmed)
12 oz  pickled red cherry peppers, drained (Safeway olive bar)
2 oz  juice from pickled red cherry peppers (above)
2.1 oz  tamarind pods (qty: 4;  wt w/ most shell & strings removed)
4 cups  water
1 cup  distilled white vinegar, 5% acid
1/4 cup  sugar
1/4 cup  Worcestershire sauce
2 TBS  salt, course (kosher)
1/2 cup  "Very Dry Sherry"

1 3/4 tsp  Xanthan gum
1/3 tsp  sodium benzoate

Trim & rough cut fresh chiles.  Place all ingredients, except the last two items (Xanthan gum and sodium benzoate) in stainless steel pot.  Cover, bring to boil and simmer for one hour, stirring occasionally.  Break up tamarind pods while cooking.  Let cool slightly and process in a blender.  Force through a course strainer.  Return sauce to the cook pot, cover and bring to a boil.  Wisk in the Xanthan gum and sodium benzoate.  Chill.  Bottle.  Makes 7 cups.


  • The dry sherry has made Mock 3 much closer to the taste of real Tiger Sauce.  It has supplied much of the "mellow" "oxidized" flavor missing from my previous attempts.
  • Like all my Tiger Sauce attempts, this sauce contains no tomatoes, but the the appearance and taste suggests tomatoes, unlike real Tiger Sauce.  Perhaps it is due to the inclusion of fresh peppers.  Maybe fresh peppers should be pre-roasted or only use pickled peppers.
  • Viscosity is very good.
  • Texture is smooth, unlike real Tiger Sauce which now has too many bits and seeds.
  • Color is very close to real Tiger Sauce but more opaque.  Real Tiger Sauce is somewhat translucent.
  • This sauce is slightly too salty.
  • Mock 3 is the closest clone of real Tiger Sauce I have made to date, but it is still not "Tiger Sauce".  In its own right, Mock 3 is a very excellent chile sauce.

Lynn Ashley

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