Southern cornbread is usually sweeter and more cake-like that northern.  I rather like this basic recipe which is somewhere in-between.

1  cups  milk
1   tsp   salt
2   cups  cornmeal
1   cup   flour
2   TBS   baking powder
1/4 cup   sugar (or less to taste)
2         eggs
1/3 cup   lard (or butter), softened

Mix all ingredients together with a fork.  Don't overmix.   Turn into a greased 9" X 9" pan.  Bake at 425F until golden brown - about 20 minutes.  Cut in squares and serve hot.

Adapted from Don's Cornbread, page 26 of The Best from New Mexico Kitchens, 1978, ISBN 0-937206-00-8. 20030212, la.