Rum Chocolate Cheesecake
A tasty favorite from Judy Ashley's Galley Collection -
This recipe has been designed to be made in a small 
ship's galley and is therefore very simple and takes 
advantage of a few shortcuts to get the desired result - 
tasty nonetheless!

1.5   cups  graham cracker crumbs
6     TBS   melted butter
1/2   cup   chopped/ground almonds
2     TBS   sugar
8     oz    cream cheese
1.5   cups  sour cream
6     TBS   sugar
1     tsp   vanilla
1/4   cup   rum (or Amaretto if you like)
1     pkg   unflavored gelatin
8     oz    chocolate (white or dark), processed
Melt butter, add remaining crust ingredients and 
shape into a 10" spring form pan. 
Filling: Beat together cream cheese, sour cream, 
sugar & vanilla.  Melt liquor with gelatin mix and 
add to mixture.  Sprinkle half the chocolate on 
crust and add remaining chocolate to filling
mixture. Smooth into pan and let set 5 - 6 hours., 19981217.