Starch Solution Recipe
for Starching Clothes by Dipping

Starch Solution Formula
of Shirts


Level of Starch
2 Water:  1 quart 1 quart 1 quart
Cornstarch:  1.5 tsp 1 TBS 2 TBS
4 Water:  2 quart 2 quart 2 quart
Cornstarch:  1 TBS 2 TBS 1/4 cup
6 Water:  3 quart 3 quart 3 quart
Cornstarch:  1.5 TBS 3 TBS 3/8 cup
8 Water:  4 quart 4 quart 4 quart
Cornstarch:  2 TBS 1/4 cup 1/2 cup
10 Water:  5 quart 5 quart 5 quart
Cornstarch:  2.5 TBS 5 TBS 5/8 cup
12 Water:  6 quart 6 quart 6 quart
Cornstarch:  3 TBS 3/8 cup 3/4 cup


Place one half (1/2) of the water in a large pot and set it over high heat to bring to a full boil.  In a seperate small container, mix the cornstarch with about an equal volume of cold water (or a little more if necessary) and stir well to dissolve.  When the water has come to a full boil, give the cornstarch a final stir and then stir the boiling water while pouring the cornstarch/water mixture into the boiling water.  Stir well to completely mix.   Return to a boil and remove from the heat.   Add the remaining half (1/2) of cold water and stir well.  Set aside to cool.  A large amount of solution may take several hours to cool.


  • The above ratios of cornstarch and water assume that the shirts are dry when dipped into the starch solution.  If the shirts are dipped while still damp from the washing machine, reduce the amount of water to make a stronger starch solution.
  • TBS = Tablespoon;    tsp = teaspoon.
    16 TBS = 1 cup;    1 TBS = 3 tsp.
  • The cornstarch is the same as you would use for cooking.   Examples:  Argo, Kingsfords (in yellow box) or Rumford.

Lynn Ashley
Lynn Ashley

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