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Blue Berries, round plate Blueberries 10" plate
Dresden, round with black rim Dresden design
w/ black rim
10" plate
Dresden, rimmed plate Dresden design 10" plate
Plumeria, 10 inch round plate Frangi Pani 10" plate
Brown Pelican, 10 inch round plate Brown Pellican 10" plate
Red Cherries, square dish Red Cherries 8" square plate
Pink Wild Roses, 8inch round plate Pink Wild Roses 8" plate
Dresden, small platter Dresden design small platter
Winter Hand Pump, square tile Hand Pump in Winter  6" tile
Water Lily, 6 inch square tile Water Lily 6" tile
Mouse and Mushroom, 6 inch square tile Mouse & Mushroom 6" tile
Pink Azalea, rectangle tile Pink Azalea 6" x 9" tile
4 Season, (4) 4 inch tiles Four Seasons Birds (4) 4" tiles
Dogwood, (2) 6 inch square tiles Dogwood (2) 6" tiles


Louise Ashley is an artist in various media.   She is a charter member of the Florida State Porcelain Artists Association.  For more examples of Louise Ashley's work visit:

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