Ashley Studios Porcelain Painting

  • The porcelains presented here are a small fraction of the total which were produced over the last 30+ years.
  • The numeric order does not reflect chronology.
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Dresden, round with black rim Dresden, rimmed plate Blue Berries, round plate Pink Wild Roses, 10 inch round plate Lilacs, 10 inch round plate Christmas Holly, round place
Plumeria, 10 inch round plate Grapes, 10 inch round platter Pink Tulips, 10 inch round plate Pink Azalea, 10 inch round Plate Pink Wild Rose, 10 inch round plate Pink Poppy, 10 inch round - unfinished
Rose and Daisy, 10 inch round plate Yellow Iris, wide rim round plate Red Poppy, 10 inch round plate Dresden, cake plate Rose Platter, platter Fancy Dresden, 8 inch plate
Cardnal & Dogwood, 10 inch round plate Brown Pelican, 10 inch round plate Winter Scene, round plate Girl with Bird, 10 inch green rim Angle Baby Plate, 10 inch round plate Boy in mud puddle, round plate
Berry Mugs, (3) handled mugs Butterflies, (5) 4 inch round plates Red Cherries, square dish Pansy, 8 inch square plate Dresden, small platter Red Roses, pin dish
Small Vessels, (6) collection of small misc vessels Wild Roses Box, covered box (top) Wild Roses Box, covered box (side) Old Fashion Lady, oval placque Pink Azalea, rectangle tile Dogwood, (2) 6 inch square tiles
Rose Vase (rear), 11 inch high rectanglar vase Rose Vase (front), 11 inch high rectanglar vase Shark Stein, 10 inch stein
Mouse and Mushroom, 6 inch square tile White Violet, square tile Winter Hand Pump, square tile 4 Season, (4) 4 inch tiles Bird in Pyracantha, 6 inch square tile - simulated stained glass Water Lily, 6 inch square tile

Louise Ashley
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Last Update: 17 August 2002.